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I am located at 10017 101 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 0X9.  Same building as Grande Prairie Denture Clinic, across 101 ave from the farmers market, just west of Acropolis.

Questions or concerns can be directed to my business line at 587 343 4651, or to my email at

About Me


I am a registered massage therapist with a passion for pain management.  Over my many years of practice, I have found that trigger point therapy is the most effective modality at reducing pain associated with tension.  I have honed my ability to find and release trigger points without causing discomfort to the client.  Whether you are experiencing chronic headaches, numbness down your arms or legs, pain in your back or limbs, there is a very good chance that your pain is being caused by trigger points.  This is good news, because trigger points just need to be released!

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger point therapy is a modality within massage therapy that aims to locate and release pockets of tension (knots) in the muscle tissue.  For anatomical/physiological reasons that are a bit academic (so I won't get into them), these knots, or trigger points tend to accrue around the middle of the muscle in question, or at the attachment site of the muscle.  Really, it is a self-protective mechanism being used by the muscle because the brain 'thinks' that the muscle is weight-bearing too much.  The process of trigger point therapy reminds the nervous system that the muscle fibres aren't actually holding a heavy object, and that it is ok and safe to let go of that protection mechanism.  When this occurs, the muscle fibres respond by twitching, or jolting.  This is the body coming back to homeostasis.  It is a healing event.

Direct Billing

Direct Billing is available for most Alberta-Based insurance companies!

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